How to Keep a High-Quality Dream Journal

When you are aware that you are in a dream state, while you are dreaming, you are having a lucid dream. Keeping a dream journal is an easy way for you to both improve the quality and clarity of your dreams, while helping you achieve lucid dreams more frequently.  In fact, if you’re already in the habit of keeping a dream journal, we can teach you how to have a lucid dream tonight. The concept of a dream journal is simple: immediately after you wake up, write down in your diary all the information about the dreams you just had. If you want to keep a high-quality dream journal that will expedite the process, however, there are some key habits you must form.

Keep It Close and Use it Quick

Unless you focus on remembering your dreams as soon as you wake up, the details will fade quickly.  It is important to keep a journal or notebook and pen  close to your bed so that you record  as much information as possible.  If you do something else, such as go to the bathroom or even think about the day ahead, portions of the dream will be erased.  The accuracy and detail of the dream journal are vital to achieving lucid dreams.

Mark Down the Date

One of the most entertaining aspects of keeping a dream journal is being able to revisit previous entries.  Not only does this help improve dream recall, but it also can be an interesting way to see how you’ve progressed.  Patterns can be seen by making note of the date; if you regularly have poor-quality sleep on Fridays, for example, you will be able to see how it affects your dreams.

Note Themes, Characters, and Reoccurring Ideas

By taking note of reoccurring themes from dreams, you increase the likelihood that you will have a lucid dream in the future.  You can train your mind to associate these images or ideas with a dream state, which will encourage you to become more aware when you see them.

Sketch Scenes

Whether you are a good artist or not, sketch any strong images you remember from the dream.  When looking back on the journal, if see those images, you will be able to visualize and remember the dream more vividly. As you become better at recognizing how things look in your dreams, you will be more likely to recognize a dream state, thereby having more lucid dreams.
Overall, dream journals are essential if you wish to further your ability to lucid dream.  Quickly jotting down the date and reoccurring themes from the dream will go a long way in improving your dream recall.