Coupon Codes and Useful Apps For University Students

Resources for University Students — 5 Cool Tools to Discover


Are you enrolled in university and wondering what tools are available to help you make the most of your post-secondary education? Do you like discovering new resources that can help enhance your college experience? There are a growing number of tools available for university students thanks to startup entrepreneurs within the university education sector. Following are five fresh options you might want to investigate:


Codecademy offers free coding skills to help you level up your resume and get your career jump started. The Pro Student membership plans are budget-friendly when you use a coupon code as well.


Professional photography sites offer discounts for university students that save you money. Shutterstock is one such …

How an iStock Promo Code Helped History

iStock Promo Codes Came to the Rescue: But How?


Historic Photo Archives Online

So you’re writing a book or article that includes historic settings and subjects and you want to jazz it up with photographs, but your budget is limited. Where can you get free, high-quality historic photographs? The Internet, of course, a resource of seemingly endless riches. In our case we decide to try out a limited time istock promo code on a few particularly cool historic images that we found.

But if you don’t know where to look, you may spend hours wading through a mixed bag of search results and potentially coming up empty. Despite what many people think, search engines do not search the entire Internet. There are vast resources …