Coupon Codes and Useful Apps For University Students

Resources for University Students — 5 Cool Tools to Discover


Are you enrolled in university and wondering what tools are available to help you make the most of your post-secondary education? Do you like discovering new resources that can help enhance your college experience? There are a growing number of tools available for university students thanks to startup entrepreneurs within the university education sector. Following are five fresh options you might want to investigate:


Codecademy offers free coding skills to help you level up your resume and get your career jump started. The Pro Student membership plans are budget-friendly when you use a coupon code as well.


Professional photography sites offer discounts for university students that save you money. Shutterstock is one such company. You can also take photos and sell them on stock photography sites to make a little side income while you study!





Wheelie helps connect vehicle-enabled college students with other students in need of transportation. Whether you’re looking for a traveling companion for your cross-country trip to your new university or you’re looking for campus buddies to subsidize your gas expenditures, Wheelie can help you make the connections you need.




Quad offers a mobile chat app for college students. Available for iOS and Android devices, the Quad app can be used by fraternities/sororities, study groups, and campus clubs. Features include event creation, photo sharing, emoji stickers, and voice messaging.



Study Calculator


If you’re considering a college education but don’t know where you want to pursue your studies, Study Calculator might be worth investigating. This soon-to-launch site will let you compare global education opportunities. Discover everything from housing costs and tuition fees to scholarship opportunities in foreign countries.





Milaana helps connect students with social causes in their area. Whether you want to work with your local homeless community or you want to lend a hand at a family resource center, you can make necessary connections via Milaana. Currently beta testing, Milaana is a young startup company based out of Brisbane, Australia.





Lendedu provides a platform for students and parents seeking education loans. Whether you’re looking for a loan for your first year of university or you want to discover your consolidation loan options, Lendedu makes the process easy. Simply add details like your school, your credit score, and the type of loan you’re seeking. Lendedu will provide multiple financing options you can compare to see which one best suits your long-term needs.



The above-listed resources are just a small sampling of the tools being created by entrepreneurs within the education sector. From study apps to college chat apps, there are numerous innovative resources available to today’s university student. Will you be sharing any of the above-listed tools for university students with your friends on campus?

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